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If you are living in Southeastern Wisconsin then Franklin Gutter Cleaning & Repair advises you to get gutter guards. You may be scared by the initial price for installing them but you will realize that you stand to gain a lot by having gutter guards.

Pests, molds and water damage resulting from a clogged and frequent gutter cleaning are things you won’t have to worry about when to install leaf guards. Gutter cleaning once a year will be effective.


FGCR provides the best gutter installation services. We also install leaf guards for you in the process. When you call us, expect a technician to come to your home to talk to you about how we install gutter guards and the process we use.

The technician will also tell you about the brand and models that we work with. We work with you to help you choose the perfect gutter guards for you considering your budget and what your home requires.

When you are sure of the brand and model, we will communicate with our vendors and then communicate with you on the best day and time for the installation.

We normally begin by cleaning your gutter to get rid of any accumulated debris then inspect the gutter pitch to ensure that it is in the correct condition for installation. When we have confirmed all these, we can then install gutter guards.

At FGCR, we do our installations in accordance with the instructions and conditions set by the manufacturers. This will help to maintain your warranty and guarantee to make sure that you can use it when the need arises. We’ll leave your home clean and provide you with answers to questions you may have.

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Gutters do an excellent job of ensuring that the rainwater from the roof does not damage your home. That means that you need to protect your gutters if you want them to keep on doing this. You can do this by installing gutter guards.

What a gutter guard does is make it difficult for twigs, and debris to get in the gutter. That means that your gutters won’t get clogged. Aluminum, copper, PVC and vinyl are some of the types of gutter guards you can choose from. Here are the advantages of installing gutter guards.


Time and money are two of the most important resources that we should always strive to take good care of. When you don’t have gutter guards, you will spend a lot of time cleaning the gutters. This also requires a lot of effort if you are doing it yourself. If you decide to enlist the services of a gutter cleaning service then you will pay them to do the cleaning.

Either way, your time and money will go into cleaning while you could save them by installing gutter guards. When you have gutter guards, you’ll only clean the gutters once in a while. What will require a small amount of time is removing the debris from the gutter guard.


Ice can clog a gutter if the gutter is not cleaned. When this happens, the water will start flowing around or inside your home. Water damage isn’t something to be taken lightly because water can destroy various areas of your home such as the basement, foundation or roof.

Besides that, the gutters will be holding too much water which can make them buckle. If you install gutter guards, they will give your gutters the ability to accommodate additional pressure even when it’s snowing.


The most common accidents people have around the home are related to ladders. When you install a gutter guard, you won’t need to regularly climb up the ladder to clean the gutters because they won’t get dirty.

Therefore, you’ll protect yourself and your family members from accidents such as being electrocuted or falling off the ladder when gutter cleaning.


Pest infestation is something you wouldn’t want to deal with. However, this can happen if your gutter is open and water collects inside it. Mosquitoes, birds, and spiders like still water.

Therefore, they’ll come when there is stagnant water in your gutters. If you get the recently manufactured gutter guards, you might find one that keeps rodents and birds away from your roof.


If your house is located in a place that is prone to bushfires then you need gutter guards and the metal ones to be specific. These gutter guards will act as an additional protection from the fire.

During bushfires, embers move through the wind and they can go to a different location. You may have twigs and leaves in your gutter which can light up when they interact with the embers.

You may not only have a fire but it may spread to neighboring areas. If you have a metal gutter guard then that will not happen because the embers will not get in contact with the twigs and leaves since the gutter will be covered.


People have realized the importance of gutter guards and so they value homes that have them. One would rather buy a home with a gutter guard than have to install it on their own. If you don’t have gutter guards then people will insist on purchasing your home at a cheaper price. Therefore, gutter guards improve the value of your home.


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GGP is a proud Shur Flo dealer and installer. Shur Flo gutter guards feature a patented perf-flow filtration system for rainwater to drains through. The filtration prevents debris, leafs, twigs and even pine needles from entering the gutters. Then, over time, air circulation from above and below the leafs and debris dries them out and wind will blow them away.

Shur Flo has a low-profile that is almost invisible from the ground. The product fits snug into gutters without lifting shingles and won’t void roofing warranties. Shur Flo products feature a 20-year manufacturer warranty on top of our lifetime installation warranty.

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We also install gutter guards from UltraFlo, the same manufacturer as Shur Flo. UltraFlo products offer many of the same benefits as Shur Flo. The difference is that UltraFlo is a “snap-in” installation and features a 10-year product warranty instead of the 20-year warranty from Shur Flo.

However, if drainage issues or clogged gutters occur as a result of UltraFlo gutter guards we install, we will return to your home to replace or repair the damaged product.

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Micro Mesh Supreme gutter guards feature a heavy duty aluminum panel and stainless steel mesh micro mesh filter. This is arguably the most durable gutter guard we install. The construction is strong enough to withstand severe weather in Southeastern Wisconsin and still block out small debris and particles from the gutters. The convex design causes leafs and twigs to roll right off the panel.


Leafree is similar to Lead Slugger in terms of its appearance. The product is 100% aluminum with a lifetime guarantee. The construction is engineered to withstand heavy winds, prevent pests or rodents from entering the gutters and block out organic debris.

The guard fits over the existing gutters on your home and blends in with the roof line. This means it is one of the more aesthetically pleasing products we install.